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fanart not overwriting

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fanart not overwriting

Postby Grumpy1954 » January 21st, 2015, 3:59 am


I posted this on the Kodi board, but it occurred to me that this one might be more appropriate. I've had a trawl through numerous postings but can't find any reporting this exact problem, so I'm wondering if I've found a bug.

I've got a bit of a problem with fanart not being overwritten.

I have a pretty large music collection, 35k+ tracks, many of which are pretty obscure blues and world music performers that no scraper is ever going to pick up. For this reason I've always tended to use my own fanart, I've been doing it a long time and I know what I'm about.

Today I found an image I wanted to use, put it in the requisite folder, pointed artist information at it, and it's duly displayed. Un fortunately it cut off the artist's head, so I edited it in Photoshop, saved the new image as fanart.jpg, and tried to use the context menu to replace the old fanart with the new. But it wouldn't overwrite, despite the original image no longer being on the server. When I drill down through artist information to the image in question, it's still the old one, even though the new one is now in the artist's folder on the NAS. This has happened a couple of times, yet when I tried to do something similar with another file it worked perfectly. This is a procedure that I have performed countless times, never with any problem at all.

Something that may have a bearing is that the artist in question is on a compilation CD. I've created a folder to contain the artwork so the path is:

NAS server/Music/iTunes/compilations/Alligator Records 20th Anniversay Collection/ A. C.Reed/ fanart.jpg. In this case fanart.jpg is the new picture that I want to use.

But if the problem was it being a compilation why did it find and show the fanart in the first place?

The alteration that worked perfectly was a named artist in her own stand alone folder, rather than a compilation.

I've tried rebooting, both the XIOS box and the NAS server, no difference.

So I'm rather mystified. I've checked time and again to see if I've somehow changed a setting but cannot find it if I have, and in any case this isn't anything that I haven't done many times before. I use Transparency! but have tried it out with Confluence with exactly the same result, so I don't think that it's a skin issue.

Set up is:

Linux XIOS box running Helix, administered via a MacBook
Library on NAS server
Expert settings

I'm perfectly prepared to be told that I'm doing something so obviously wrong that only a complete idiot could have managed it, it'd be a small price to pay to get this sorted.
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