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Comming back to Xios - questions

Everything related to running XBMC for Linux on XIOS DS

Comming back to Xios - questions

Postby ozyri » February 17th, 2015, 3:54 am

Hey all,
so after a loooong time without my xbmc box (pivos xios) I have decided to see if it is still a valid choice for my needs. If so, could you please tell me how to achieve what I want

First of all what I have/own:
*M1 Pivos Xios box
*1TB external drive
* Proxy connection

What I want to set up:
1. To set up automatic torrent downloads when the shows in my library (non existant atm) get a new episode. I want this to be done without the PC involved, on the external drive;
2. Automatically update the library with new/updated/downloaded shows;
3. I have a tvheads TV stream, which is kind of covered by default functionality (used to be?);
4. To be able to stream shows from the box (external HDD) to other devices on the same network (phone/tablet/pc);
5. To be able to stream shows to phone/tablet/pc on other networks, preferably 3g/4g as well;
6. Somehow to download and organise music on the device to be able to stream/download at my wish (optional);

Is this something easily/not so much achievable with the hardware I have? I am not a total noob, but it has been a while since I have hacked my linux based xbmc firmware for xios. Any help would be very much appreciated. Also - anything else "cool" i can do now with my box?
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