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TOFUAPP-021615 Discussion and Bug Report

Everything related to running TOFU for Android on XIOS DS

TOFUAPP-021615 Discussion and Bug Report

Postby aasoror » February 16th, 2015, 2:44 pm


NOTE: This thread is only for the official Pivos builds.

To post a bug report, please follow the below format:

Network: (insert your network setup)
A/V Setup: (Insert your AV setup)
Playback Source: (the source of the video)
Video Format: (video format, codec used to encode the video)
TOFU app and OS logs: (as described here)

Issues: (please be as descriptive as you can about the issue)

TOFU APP Android APK Release #: TOFUAPP-021615
Revision Date: 02/16/15

Download Link: HERE

Release Notes:
- Fixes playback and stability issues.

Change Log:
TOFUAPP: fix navigation on osd for livetv
TOFUAPP: fix indentation, python cares
TOFUAPP: fix python DEPS
TOFUAPP: add android dynload_shlib patch
TOFUAPP: fix pythonmodule-pil Makefile
TOFUAPP: fix android site-packages. PIL works now.
TOFUAPP: fixed video playback size when display is 720p
TOFUAPP: fixed, leading zeros in extradata for h264 are ok
TOFUAPP: check size too, we might get a zero sized demux packet
TOFUAPP: fixed, do not reset pts_pcrscr if the error is too large
TOFUAPP: fixed demux buffering

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