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How to Set Wallpaper background from Windows SMB Source

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How to Set Wallpaper background from Windows SMB Source

Postby E-ManN » April 14th, 2016, 8:05 am

Hi All,

I know how to set wallpaper background from SD card but just don't know where (which directory) to save the .jpg wallpaper file if I want to pull the wallpaper from the device as opposed to off the SD card.

did some poking around and found for android it is suggested to make a WallPaper folder in

Android/Data/ORG.XBMC.KODI/files/.Kodi ...


copy your wallpaper into this wallpaper folder then point your custom background setting to this file and location

not sure it this applies to Tofu on the Pivos XS.

Would be even better if someone knows if it is possible to point to a wallpaper file stored on Windows SMB Share. I would prefer this but do not see any options for SMB location in the set custom wallpaper screen ... appears to be all local paths or SD Card.


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