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State of Affairs Realtek Based Players 2016?

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State of Affairs Realtek Based Players 2016?

Postby lollygag » December 4th, 2016, 4:32 pm

Both of my "AIOS HD Media Center" media players are still going strong almost 5 years later, running all the time! I'm currently using the iNext firmware on them, and even today I think they are just great. I have just been using them but not keeping up with the trends in the set-top media player market.

I just don't understand what has happened to the market? Is Realtek totally out? Are the 1195/1295 comparable to the 1185/1186? Why does practically no one make players using them anymore?

I like the native Realtek video player. Do these android players that use the 1195/1295 still have the native player? I don't really want to use kodi or any android interface that forces you to "mouse around". I like dedicated function buttons on the remote itself.

I understand that there is still one active player in the Sigma market, and also a bunch of cheap garbage that uses the Boxchip F10. I don't like these at all really. There seems to be a hole in the market for those who don't want to use android. I guess the market is not big enough for anyone to target it? Or, the streaming players (roku, amazon, etc) have taken over? My AIOS players aren't going to last forever and it seems that there is no comparable replacement currently in production.
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Re: State of Affairs Realtek Based Players 2016?

Postby Diamond Dog » June 5th, 2017, 9:31 pm

I would love to hear the answer to this question as well.

Its not like we may be posting something that competes with AIOS anymore, so there is no need to not mention other options in this format?
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