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HDD not loading on 1 of 2 AIOS units

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HDD not loading on 1 of 2 AIOS units

Postby cavalli » August 5th, 2017, 7:51 pm

Two AIOS boxes, almost identically configured and working flawlessly for years. Only difference is that the upstairs bedroom one is network wired and downstairs family room is wireless (but not great wifi downstairs and rarely used). Two HD's used in the two AIOS units, generally interchangeably. One HD has content for my wife and I; the other HD for our family viewing. I generally populate content on both drives by installing the appropriate HD in the upstairs unit and copy relevant content to it over the wired network.

Today, the unit worked perfectly before dinner. My son requested a specific "new" show, so I brought the HD upstairs and I successfully copied this week's files to the family HD. Brought it back downstairs after dinner to install and watch TV, but it never loaded showing the "HDD" menu item. Waited with no HDD. In debugging, I brought the 2nd HD to the downstairs AIOS with the same non HDD result. Brought both HD's upstairs and both had full HDD load / content access on the upstairs AIOS box, so neither HDD is a problem. Plugged in a USB into the downstairs unit and it was able to load and play a media file from the USB, so I know the downstairs AIOS hardware driver and media player works.

Looked inside the box and don't see any problems with either HD connector. The rails still slide and lock perfectly in both units. It FEELS like it's connected correctly.

Before I unwire it downstairs to bring to my office for more lab type testing, wanted to know if anyone had an opinion or feedback as to other things I can try. Something is wrong with the downstairs unit and ultimately it might have to be replaced.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: HDD not loading on 1 of 2 AIOS units

Postby aasoror » August 7th, 2017, 1:54 am

On the latest semiofficial firmware there is an option to "reset USB kernel modules" (or something along these lines). Give it a try, if that didn't work then try reflashing latest firmware in panic recovery and see if gets the internal controller up and running, if that doesn't work then there is something that malfunctioned on the box.
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