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File Explorer

Postby ldelie » October 19th, 2017, 2:11 pm

Hi Aasoror,

I haven't contacted you guys in years, because everything was working as it should.

I have FOUR PIVOS AIOS Media servers. One has an 8Tb drive, one a 6Tb, one a 4Tb and one a 3Tb. I have over 8,000 videos (mostly just simple XVID4, not ISOs) on the drives. I run a community theater, and these are 'backup'.

That's my real problem. Because of the huge numbers of files, I store a few hundred each in sub folders. I get the alphabetic sort to work with folders by adding the "+" character to the front of all sub-(and nested under) folders. I can't use any sort of picture view as it's too much to ask of the AIOS. To do all that, I've been using the old firmware; to use the simple file manager. Well, I now have some 3D slide shows created with Cyberlink PowerDirector 16. The slides would stop under I knew there had been some changes, so I changed one of my AIOS to the latest version. The files play perfectly. I CANNOT run the latest version in any sort of reasonable way with 8,000 video files (stills and music add another few thousand) with the latest version; I need an old fashioned text file explorer. Is there any way to get a file explorer view with later codecs than those in This is a big deal; I'm not switching anything from the AIOS! When someone offered me a KDLinks 720D cheap I turned it down... I have a lot of time invested in 8,000 files.

Over the years, I've been adding a few ISOs, but most will remain XVID4.

Please suggest something.

Larry Elie
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