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Weird Playback Problem

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Weird Playback Problem

Postby jjis » March 2nd, 2018, 12:51 pm

I have TVersity installed on a couple of PC's and use the Windows Media Player streaming also. When I try to play videos, the wrong video is playoing. I have the preview turned on and when I go to a video it will say "unsupported format". It will do thae same for the first 12 videos in the folder. When it gets to the 13th, the 1st video plays.

The only way it will play the correct video is if I put each video into a seperate folder.

I reencoded one of the "unsuppported" videos with Handbrake and used ffmpeg to copy another and both played fine.

What seems to be happening is that if I have a folder with a mix of subfolders and seperate video files, the sepearate videos will not play right. If it's all subfolders or just videos and no subfolders, everything plays fine.

Tried WMP, TVersity and Plex and had the same issue withh all three.
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