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Login Fail

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Login Fail

Postby inv8r » February 28th, 2018, 10:15 am

Last resort, and I know the Aios has probably reached the end of its life, but hoping someone is still around who might have a thought or two. My Aios is still doing just about everything I need it to, but recently has started acting oddly when trying to stream from my laptop. The laptop can see the Aios fine, and I can login from the laptop, copying, deleting, and renaming stuff on the HDDs connected to the Aios. Going the other way though, entering file explorer on the Aios, going under Network, My_Shortcuts, ALWAYS results in the connection window coming up with the password missing, and ultimately a Login Fail. This is a new behavior, worked fine for years, started getting a little twitchy with the password a few months ago, but finally just stopped working period last week. The WiFi setup on the Aios says everything is fine - it can see the wireless network and knows where it's supposed to be connecting to. I pulled the adapter, and it also seems fine when put in the laptop. No passwords have been changed on the network, and the Aios has its own account on the laptop. What should I try? On a related topic, how can I delete shortcuts that point to a couple of laptops that I no longer have? Not critical obviously, but it would be nice to tidy up the Aios network screen.
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